Why Our Skilled Tradesmen are Superior

August 8, 2014 Patio Contractor

When Texas Custom Patios builds your outdoor living project, you can be confident that the work is completed by skilled tradesmen.


Why do we employ skilled tradesmen?

The reason is simple. Skilled tradesmen are experts in their trades. That expertise brings you, our customers, some major benefits as we build out your projects.


These tradesmen perform their craft day after day and week after week. The experience that a skilled tradesman has in his craft provides superior quality over a general handyman, who has to perform a multitude of skills.


Because these skilled tradesmen focus on one craft, they move swiftly through their aspect of the project. When they complete their portion, they move on to do the same skill at another project and the next trade comes in to do their craft. Texas Custom Patios has completed over 1,000 outdoor living projects. With so many projects under our belt, our skilled tradesmen are highly experienced which gives them an advantage in completing the work efficiently.

The expertise of our skilled tradesmen brings a better quality outdoor living space in less time to Texas Custom Patios customers.

How to Find a Great Contractor

December 4, 2013 Patio Design

SONY DSCHiring a contractor can be a scary and intimidating decision. How can you know you’re making the best choice before you sign on the dotted line?

When it comes to finding a great contractor, the bottom line comes down to trust.

Here are three marks of a trustworthy contractor:

Warranty A contractor who backs up his work with a good, strong warranty gives you reason to trust him. When a contractor has been in business for a while and continues to offer this assurance on his work and materials, you can have confidence that the job will be done well.

Fixed Pricing Some surprises are good. Surprises in price are not. A contractor who gives you an exact quote at the onset of a contract proves that he has enough experience to account for all aspects of a project. Approaching pricing in this way also makes the contractor ultimately responsible for any mistakes or unforeseen costs. A contractor who is willing to be subject to this level of accountability on the bottom line is going to be as accurate as he is able. No surprises, period.

3-D Renderings Knowing what your finished project is expected to look like on your home brings confidence in the product you are purchasing. The contractor who provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get 3-D renderings, when applicable, eliminates doubts about the aesthetics of a project. You can see that your project designer is able to bring your dream project to life before any work has begun.



You can rest assured that you have found a great contractor, when he places such a high value on trust that he chooses to be characterized by these marks!

To learn more about Texas Custom Patios warranty and price guarantee, visit our website. To request a free consultation for your outdoor living project, call 281.265.1994 or drop us a line here. We’d love to show you how we can improve your quality of living in your backyard!21

2013 Resolutions for Outdoor Living

January 9, 2013 Patio Design

We all make lists for the coming year… but how many of these to-do’s actually come to fruition?  Here’s a compilation of ideas that you can fit into your busy life that will make 2013 your best year (so far) in your outdoor living space.

kitchenJanuary-Share your hearth.It’s the coldest month in Houston, so enjoy your outdoor fireplace as much as possible!  Be sure that your cozy space has all the essentials for ultimate at-home relaxation. Entertain family and friends with welcoming seating, complete with comfy cushions and throws, while you bask in the warmth of your outdoor hearth.  And don’t forget the marshmallows!

February-Plan ahead for spring.

Start planning any outdoor living projects to be completed in the spring.  Remember that upgrading your outdoor space is a process that takes at least a few weeks.  TCP can help with any ideas you have for improvement-from an outdoor fireplace and built-in seating, to a new outdoor kitchen, to an entire room addition or sunroom.

March-Clean now to entertain later.

One of the prettiest months in Houston is the perfect time to clean up your outdoor kitchen.  Get ready for the grilling months ahead by cleaning up the appliances, washing the tiles, and adding a fresh coat of paint.  Then stock your outdoor fridge with the essentials so you’re always prepared for guests.

April-Protect your party from spring showers.There’s nothing like a fresh spring rain… unless you’re trying to entertain outdoors!  A freestanding patio cover will keep your guests protected in any weather, while still enjoying your outdoor kitchen and entertainment center.  Plus, your patio cover will withstand the Houston heat to keep you comfortable in the coming summer months.

May-Embellish your protection.

Once your patio cover is built, it’s time to decorate and get ready for the summer.  Consider installing outdoor lighting, and definitely invest in some high quality outdoor furniture.

June-Add shady spots.

Summer’s extended daylight hours means you’ll be spending more time outdoors.  Get the most out of your outdoor space with a shaded arbor.  Also known as a pergola, this modified roofing structure adds shade and aesthetic appeal.  This will be your favorite part of the backyard-plus, it can even increase your home’s property value.

July-Cool off your kitchen.

Cinco project Feb newsletter2During Houston’s warmest month, keep your regular kitchen cool.  TCP can customize an outdoor kitchen to handle all your backyard feasts, complete with popular options including a built-in gas grill and sideburner, sinks, and fridge.  Accoutrements like a pizza oven, an ice maker, and a wine chiller round out your dream cook space.  Your unused indoor kitchen will be jealous!

August-Bug off!

You love your backyard, but the summer months bring swarms of bugs that can make it unpleasant to stay out for very long.  The solution: a screened porch.  Block pesky mosquitoes and harmful sunrays at the same time to make entertaining that much better.

September-Chill out!

Thinking “back-to-school?”  Think cooler temps ahead!  Will you be ready to keep your guests comfortable during your winter parties?  Yes, you will if you use this time to plan the installation of your outdoor fireplace.  Winter might seem like a long way off, but your cozy living space takes time to design and construct, so don’t delay!

October-Tailgate in style.

Are you ready for some football?  Gear up your outdoor living room as the ultimate Fan Zone.  Bring in TCP to get your outdoor space fully wired for surround sound and TV.  Be sure you have enough game-watching chairs.  If not, consider having us install built-in seating.  Add personalized finishing touches, like special team memorabilia or coordinating upholstery in your team’s colors, to further enhance your entertaining space.

November-Ship-shape for Turkey Day.

Once you’ve got your outdoor room set up for game-day entertaining, preparing for your Thanksgiving guests is a snap!  The unofficial start of “the holiday season” is the perfect excuse to wrap up those unfinished projects you started planning in February.

December-Deck the halls.

Deck your deck for holiday festivities.  If you chose decorative railings for your project, adorn them with lights or tinsel.  And don’t forget the outdoor fireplace – hang stockings on the mantel, or place candles and ivy on top.


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