The Outdoor Style Show | Should I Choose a Pergola or Patio Cover?

December 1, 2014 Outdoor Living, Outdoor Style Show, Patio Design

Join Ryan and Rob as they discuss the benefits and differences between a pergola and a patio cover in this episode of The Outdoor Style Show with Texas Custom Patios.

Why Our Skilled Tradesmen are Superior

August 8, 2014 Patio Contractor

When Texas Custom Patios builds your outdoor living project, you can be confident that the work is completed by skilled tradesmen.


Why do we employ skilled tradesmen?

The reason is simple. Skilled tradesmen are experts in their trades. That expertise brings you, our customers, some major benefits as we build out your projects.


These tradesmen perform their craft day after day and week after week. The experience that a skilled tradesman has in his craft provides superior quality over a general handyman, who has to perform a multitude of skills.


Because these skilled tradesmen focus on one craft, they move swiftly through their aspect of the project. When they complete their portion, they move on to do the same skill at another project and the next trade comes in to do their craft. Texas Custom Patios has completed over 1,000 outdoor living projects. With so many projects under our belt, our skilled tradesmen are highly experienced which gives them an advantage in completing the work efficiently.

The expertise of our skilled tradesmen brings a better quality outdoor living space in less time to Texas Custom Patios customers.

50 Great Reasons to Add Outdoor Style to Your Backyard

April 4, 2014 Outdoor Living

Adding a stylish outdoor living space is undoubtably a significant investment. We get to see the return on that investment every day as homeowners increase the value of their lifestyle by creating a space to take time out for the important things in life. Here’s a list of 50 great reasons to add Outdoor Style to YOUR backyard:

  1. More space for those big gatherings!
  2. Outdoor dinner parties
  3. A nearby spot for star gazing
  4. To celebrate your son/daughter’s graduation party
  5. A quiet place to drink your morning coffee and read the news
  6. To keep the indoor kitchen cool by grilling out in the summer
  7. A place to tell stories around the campfire with the kids or grandkids
  8. A covered space in which to watch a good Texas thunderstorm roll in
  9. Family dinners on the patio
  10. A patio cover provides indoor shade, too
  11. WatchTheGameA place to let them watch the game outside while you commandeer the living room TV with your show
  12. Exhale the stress
  13. Ice cream cones melt slower in the shade
  14. That quaint little backyard wedding
  15. A shady spot to watch the kids while they play in the pool
  16. Girls night in
  17. Give your swimmers a place to snack, a place to rest and a place to use the bathroom… without soaking your floors
  18. A place to slow down
  19. Rover loves a shady spot to enjoy the dog days of summer
  20. To invite the neighbors over for that barbecue
  21. A place to put your feet up
  22. What better backdrop for family portraits, than your own home?
  23. A perfect spot to indulge a “no plans” Saturday
  24. To host a backyard brunch
  25. A place to drink cocoa on a cool evening
  26. A place to pop a cold bottle on a hot dayJustChill
  27. Serve up their favorite birthday dinner
  28. To sit a spell and have a long conversation
  29. To pass on the art of grilling
  30. A comfy spot to devour the latest novel
  31. Dine alfresco with a date night in
  32. To one up the Joneses
  33. All the barbecue holidays-Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day-are better served up in your stylish backyard
  34. Easy clean up for children’s birthday parties
  35. A place to hang your porch swing
  36. Practice your mixology
  37. A quiet space to watch the feathered visitors to your bird feeder
  38. Give your house guests a space of their own in a backyard guesthouse
  39. Turn on the patio string lights and have a glass of wine
  40. A perfect place to paint or draw
  41. Keep the drinks cold in your outdoor kitchen fridgeBeThatHouse
  42. Be the house where everyone gathers
  43. Take refuge from tuba practice
  44. Swing in a hammock
  45. Celebrate your retirement
  46. Sit down and talk about your day
  47. Get down a play trucks or have that tea party
  48. Raise a glass to the newly engaged couple
  49. Teach the art of a perfectly toasted marshmallow to the next generation
  50. Just breathe

If you think your backyard living could use an Outdoor Style upgrade, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us for a free consultation at (281) 265-1994 or send us a message via our website.

Project of the Month: April 2012

April 24, 2012 Patio Design, Project of the Month

For our April 2012 Project of the Month, we extended the existing gable roof and patio for a larger outdoor living space. We designed the fireplace to completely enclose the patio corner, making the space feel more like a room.

The stone on the fireplace and the stamped concrete overlay complement the colors of the home’s brick exterior. The stamped overlay is a flagstone pattern with a solid, textured border.

Build a Dream Outdoor Kitchen

January 9, 2012 Outdoor Cooking, Patio Design

Home owners have a strange attraction to outdoor kitchens.  Maybe we believe food tastes better when prepared on an outdoor grill, or maybe cooking by the pool just makes it more fun.  In any case, we all seem to think life would be better with a wide patio, a big grill, and everything else we need to prepare an outdoor feast.

But what is that everything else?  What items should you plan to build or purchase for the perfect outdoor kitchen?

Start with a Grill

Buying a grill is a no-brainer if you’re building an outdoor kitchen.  The place to cook is what makes your outdoor kitchen, well…a kitchen!

The grill is the piece de resistance of your patio, so you need to spend some time picking out the perfect one.  If you buy a low-quality grill and hate using it to bbq, then your whole investment might go down the drain.  So whether you buy a pre-made grill or get one customized for your kitchen, look for high-quality stainless steel on both the interior and exterior.  Additionally, spring for a side burner or two!  You’d be amazed at how useful they are when you need to keep something warm.

The perfect place to grill.

Account for Counters

Anyone who’s tried to cook in a cramped kitchen knows that counter space in the kitchen is valuable real estate, so don’t skimp on counter space.  Instead, use it as an opportunity to make the most out of your patio space by using your counters as extra eating areas.  Also, be sure to have storage cabinets built into them for your grilling tools and cooking supplies.

Just grab a few barstools.

Decorate with a Fireplace or Firepit

While fireplaces and firepits aren’t necessarily part of a kitchen, you can still cook with them.  A roaring fire will keep the patio warm on chilly nights, and it’s the perfect place for the kids to roast hotdogs and marshmallows while you prepare the rest of the meal (or relax!).

The best thing about fireplaces and firepits is that they’re decorative.  Put an outdoor fireplace on the patio and it becomes the focal point – especially if you use the mantel area for your flatscreen tv.

To make the most out of your fireplace or firepit, choose a stone or brick to match or complement your home’s exterior.

Decorative and functional

Take the Baking Outside

An outdoor oven may not be a necessity, but it sure is cool!  For some, having a brick oven to bake pizza or bread is a good enough reason to build one into the outdoor kitchen.  However, you can also use brick ovens to prepare meat, stews, vegetables, and more.

You'll never order pizza again

Patio Cover and Flooring

Last, but perhaps most importantly, you need a quality patio cover and flooring to protect your new outdoor kitchen from the elements.  Tile and marble are both too slick for outdoor kitchen flooring, but stone and stamped concrete are both safe and look fantastic.

As for the patio cover, the most important issue is making sure it’s waterproof.  Not only does the cover need to protect your outdoor kitchen, but it needs to keep water off any ceiling fans, lighting, and electric appliances.  It also allows you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen even when it’s raining!

Of course, choose flooring and patio cover finishes and accents that match your fireplace and home.  Check out these flooring ideas from This Old House.

Elegantly protecting your outdoor kitchen.

Room to Expand

Now that you have some ideas for your backyard, get out a sheet of paper and sketch your dream patio area.  Don’t consider cost just yet, as these projects can be a significant investment that will add to the value and enjoyment of your home.  If you can’t build it all at once, don’t worry!  You can always add that fireplace later.

Have a project in mind? We work throughout the Houston and Dallas - Fort Worth areas.

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We would definitely recommend Texas Custom Patios. Ryan and the crew that works with him were very efficient and immaculate. Ryan let us know each day what steps would be taken during the process building our pergola for our patio. From the construction, staining, and installing the electrical outlets and fans. Valentine is a true visionary with his ideas and construction. Everyone is truly impressed with the job they did.

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