Outdoor Living and the Anticipation of Super Sunday

January 3, 2014 Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Living
Football on the Patio

Hello, 2014! We have great expectations for this year.

While striving to reach goals is at the top of everyone’s list, we have to admit that January also brings much anticipation for a night notorious for get-togethers across the nation… Super Sunday. Now that the NFL has banned tailgating at the Big Game, we think one of our custom patios has slid into the world’s very best spot to watch the game!

There are three categories of Super Sunday Party-Goers and we have something for each one.

The Super Sunday Snack Specialist

The anticipation of sweet and savory delights to enjoy during the big game brings this fan to the table… literally and probably more than once! For the Snack Specialist, we offer this list of Super Sunday Party Dishes that can be prepared outside.

The Super Sunday Ad Aficionado

This fan may talk through every single play, then shush everyone when the commercials begin. We get it. After all, advertisers pay huge dollars for these coveted spots and strive to put their most creative efforts out there. For the Ad Aficionado, we offer this list, which gives you a sneak preview of what companies are buying up ads this year and some hints at their plans.

The Super Sunday Game Devotee

When your team makes the Big Game, the intensity dials up even more! Be sure to use your outside voice on your patio when cheering on your team to victory. For the Game Devotee, here are a couple of our favorites for the love of the game.

Enjoying the Big Game outdoors is better for everyone.

What’s your favorite part of the game? Is it the food, the ads or the football? I’d love to hear your plans for enjoying the big game OutdoorStyle in the comments below!

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I have a lot of experience with construction and renovations, so some contractors find me annoying at best. My outdoor living project was larger than I was able to take on as it entailed adding an outdoor living area, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom with a fireplace and fire pit. It’s built onto an existing structure with a tile roof in a seamless manner. The completed project is amazing, and was featured in the Houzz project of the month for December 2013. It was a very large project so it took a long time to complete, however the process was absolutely painless. In my previous experiences, I have always had issues with miscommunications and added costs, among other things. My experience with Texas Custom Patios included NONE of these issues. The finished project far exceeded my expectations. The workmanship was superior, and the quality of the products is top of the line. I truly highly recommend them.

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