The One Thing No One Wants To Do

January 21, 2016 Outdoor Safety

So now you have this gorgeous patio, outdoor kitchen and beautiful living space, right?  At the end of the day you go inside and carry on with your life … so who’s cleaning your outdoor living space?  Not you!  We hear that it’s “out of sight, out of mind,” so the cleaning of your patio is put on the back burner of your new grill.  Cleaning and maintaining your patio is important though!

Our friends over at Sweet Tea Patio Co. have a special offer for Texas Custom Patio customers.  Just say you saw this blog and receive 20% off grill cleaning!

Texas Custom Patios Cleaning

Benefits of Keeping Your Grill Clean

Keeping rodents away which are looking for a food source during the winter

Less smoke, less flare ups, more even cooking

Extending the life of your grill and parts

Getting it ready for spring cookouts

Patio Maid Services

Sweet Tea Patio Co. is a full-service outdoor cleaning company.  Just as a maid would detail your home, they offer the same level of detailing for your outdoor living area. Upscale patio cleaning, removing pests and pollen, cleaning your windows, power washing your deck and siding, scrubbing patio furniture, polishing granite and stainless steel appliances, and all the other dirty work. Truly a unique service catering to patio lovers!

Here are some great before/after pictures of their work …

Cleaning your patio cleaning your patio power washing your patio detailing your patio

More About Sweet Tea Patio Co.

This  cleaning company was developed from a need. A need that presented itself from their own love of outdoor living spaces. They took great care in the design and development of their patio and the results were amazing. They found more and more that their family and friends loved it too, everyone wanted to use their outdoor living area for birthdays, holidays, and to watch sporting events.

It never failed every couple of weeks we were dealing with new spider webs, pollen everywhere, leaves and dust, we had it all. Most of the time doing a deep clean it took equipment and time we usually never had. As we searched there was no one company that specialized in or did “top to bottom” patio cleaning or were capable of handling the daunting task of cleaning the outside in a way that held to our standards.  So Sweet Tea Patio Co was created… a service that caters to people just like us — patio people.

Sweet Tea Patio first got their hands dirty in 2015. They are a new business, but are rockin’ & rollin’ (errr … cleanin’ & sweepin’ we shall say). We hope you will give them a shot!

Here are the areas they service:

River Oaks
West University
Sugar Land
Katy/ Cinco Ranch
South West Houston

Enjoy your clean patio without all the hassle!



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We are really impressed with Texas Custom Patios. Everyone involved with our patio project did excellent work. Not only was all the work done properly, and efficiently, the people were all great. Marty did a superb job of keeping us informed, and everything on track. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.

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