Retractable Porch Screens: The Pros and Cons

June 24, 2022 Patio Design

Retractable porch screens have long been considered a functional addition to any patio design. However, many people don’t like the idea of a permanent enclosure that blocks their view. After all, part of the enjoyment of an outdoor living space is the natural ambiance.

Retractable screens offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to permanent screens or walls. They allow you to appreciate the outdoor elements you enjoy and block out the ones that aren’t as pleasant.

You should be aware of a few things when deciding whether to install retractable screens. They offer several benefits, but there are a couple of drawbacks. 

Let’s start with the beneficial aspects.

Patio with retractable screens and fireplace

Pro: Year-round Indoor Outdoor Living

One of the most attractive reasons for installing a retractable porch screen is to be able to enjoy your patio year-round. If you live in an extremely hot climate, you can block the sun and keep the cooler air circulating. In cold temperatures, you can keep warm air circulating—whether it’s from a fireplace or from inside.

Patio with retractable screens down around dining area

Pro: Protection from Bugs

Keep your invited guests safe from uninvited guests such as mosquitoes or other flying insects. Imagine dining outdoors without any surprises landing in your wine glass! 

Pro and Con: Cost

Retractable porch screens can be pricey for some budgets. But they are still less expensive than most permanent screens and walls. 

In addition, retractable screens add value to your home, so they can be worth the investment.

Overall, retractable porch screens are extremely convenient, however there are some cons. 

Con: Maintenance

Retractable screens have moving parts that require maintenance. If any of these components are damaged, several adjustments might need to be made during a repair.  

Other climate factors may also play a role in how well screen parts hold up. For example, humid conditions may cause the moving parts to rust more quickly.

Con: Pet Damage

Screens may take some getting used to for your furry friends. Pets can cause damage by trying to squeeze underneath or clawing at the screen.

Final Thoughts

Retractable porch screens can be a wise investment with proper planning and maintenance. They provide protection from less than favorable outdoor conditions with the convenience of being hidden when not in use.

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