Trust the Process: Why Vision Boards Are Important to Your Patio’s Design

December 11, 2023 Inspiration, Interview, Outdoor Living, Patio Design
Whether you prefer to browse online, flip through magazines, or gather samples and swatches, creating a vision board can be a powerful tool to turn your vision into a reality. Let’s explore the best ways to find inspiration for your patio, explain how to make a vision board, and discuss the importance of having a clear vision for your patio design:

Patio designing can be a daunting task for many. Not only does it require a lot of imagination and creativity, but it also needs detailed planning and execution. A project developer can help you with the entire process, from drafting the initial concept to the final build. However, to create a dream patio, our designer must learn about you, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Let’s discuss six questions our project developers might ask you to create a remarkable outdoor living space.

1. Start with Pinterest or Houzz

Two popular websites for home design and decor, Pinterest, and Houzz, can be excellent sources of inspiration for your patio project. You can search for different styles, materials, color palettes, and layouts that match your taste and lifestyle. You can also save your favorite photos and create boards to compile ideas. For starters, check out our Houzz for plenty of tips and inspiration.

2. Go through magazines and cut out pics.

If you prefer the old-school approach, flip through home decor and gardening magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, and Architectural Digest for patio inspiration. Cut out photos of patios that speak to you or evoke your desired mood or atmosphere. Set aside the images that you like and discard the rest. You can also use paint chips, fabric swatches, and other tactile samples to help build your vision board.

3.  Attend home and garden shows.

Home shows, garden tours, and open houses can provide many patio ideas. Seeing patios in person can give you a better sense of size, scale, and perspective. You can also ask questions, talk to designers and builders, and get ideas for incorporating specific features, such as built-in grills, pergolas, firepits, or water features.

4. Make a vision board

Getting his vision across. Shot of two designers working at a chalkboard

With all the inspiration you’ve collected, now it’s time to refine and organize your ideas into a cohesive vision board. Choose a poster board or a blank wall and place your images, paint chips, fabric swatches, and other samples in a way that makes sense. Some people organize their boards by color or theme, while others focus on how certain elements work together. It is essential to keep your vision board visual, re-examine it at different points during your planning process, and adjust it to fit your evolving plans.

5. Understand the importance of a vision

The next question our designer may ask is related to the materials you have in mind for the build. Whether you’re planning a wood, concrete, or stone patio, we want to understand what finishes you want to use to create your desired look. Different materials have pros and cons, and our project developers will help you understand why certain materials would be more or less advisable for your specific needs and budget.

When designing or upgrading your patio, inspiration can come from many sources. Whether you prefer scouring Pinterest or Houzz, flipping through magazines, or attending home and garden shows, it’s essential to translate your vision into a tangible form. A vision board can help refine your ideas and keep you on track when building your dream outdoor space.

Remember that a vision can evolve and change during the planning process, so keep an open mind and have fun with it.

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