How to Get Your Family to Enjoy Your Backyard

February 6, 2013 Patio Design

Somewhere in between the back door and the patio, there’s been a merge. Many families are enjoying their backyards as much as the their living rooms.  There are new ways to control the weather, and outdoor furniture looks like it should be inside, but is designed to withstand ranging temperatures. Outdoor living just got a little more complex–and families are enjoying their backyards more than ever.

If you’re still having a hard time getting your family off their laptops and into your outdoor living room, here are some patio ideas that might entice them:

Take the Kitchen Outside

A big trend is putting pizza ovens outdoors. You can enjoy a truly handmade pizza, served on a stone, while also enjoying the heat from the oven. Outdoor fireplaces or strategic heating lamps are also getting more popular. It’s a fantastic alternative to another family dinner at the kitchen table.

You'll never order pizza again

You’ll never order pizza again

Backyards have long been a mecca for meals, but they’re no longer restricted to the summer barbeque. Homeowners are having entire outdoor kitchens built on their patios, complete with ovens, grills, countertops, and small refrigerators.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

When you’re outside, you’re often naturally more relaxed while still being prone to activity. A contractor like Texas Custom Patios will even wire your outdoor living space for television and music. These upgrades will help get your family out into the fresh air.


Most outdoor living spaces feature a stone or tile decorative patio. This makes cleaning up a breeze, and helps keep the actual indoor space more pristine. It might seem like a simple perk, but it’s a huge time saver (especially for large families).

Explore the Outdoors

Do you really want another night of ordering out and piling up on the couch to watch TV? That can be great some nights, but spread out and see what’s literally right in your backyard. If you’re hesitant to upgrade to an outdoor kitchen, get started with some new outdoor furniture and see how much your family enjoys being outdoors.

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