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January 22, 2015 Outdoor Living

Valentine’s Day is all about love and spending time with your special someone. The typical Valentine’s date usually involves dinner out but restaurants are so crowded and busy that a romantic evening is often difficult to achieve with all the hustle and bustle. Imagine spending a relaxing romantic evening at home in your Texas Custom Patios outdoor living space and avoiding all the crowds and traffic. If you like the idea of spending February 14 on your patio, read on for some great ideas for making the night more romantic than ever.

Set the Mood

Lighting really helps to set the mood for a romantic evening. The trick is achieving a soft warm glow without it being too bright or too dark. Ceiling lights on dimmers are an obvious first choice. You can also add in some candle light or hang string lights for a great romantic atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to go all out with the candles… you can pick up hundreds of tea lights for just a couple of dollars. Don’t forget about the cozy outdoor fireplace. You’ll love the light and warmth while you sit close to each other.

Set the Table

Untitled designWhat’s on the Valentine’s day menu? Be sure to know your partner’s likes and dislikes. You may want to steer the menu towards lighter foods that don’t leave you feeling overly full. Opt for lightly seasoned vegetables and smaller portions of grilled meats. Lighter meats like pork or chicken don’t feel as heavy as red meats typically do. If you do choose red meat, go for the filet mignon or tenderloin over a big sirloin or t-bone.

Set the Conversation

Be prepared for your romantic time together with good questions to ask. It’s amazing how couples who have been together for many years can still learn new things about each other as a result of a few well thought out questions. Untitled design-2You may want to spend some time thinking about some questions you want to ask. Obviously you’ll want to avoid touchy subjects, instead focus on questions that will allow you to talk about your future and dreams. I you need help you can search online for romantic questions. The results will certainly range from mild to spicy and you’ll want to choose ones that are best for your relationship. You may even write them out on pieces of paper and take turns asking each other.

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