Screened Porches: The Best of Both Worlds

November 26, 2012 Patio Design

A screened porch offers multiple advantages to homeowners. You gain a sheltered outdoor living space protected from environmental extremes. Separate from indoor hustle and bustle, a shaded porch is a great place to snooze, daydream or curl up with a good book. The screens protecting you from bugs and rain also provide you with some privacy from the street.

Cool and Shady

A screened porch is a low-cost answer to air-conditioning. Instead of sealing up the house to run the air-conditioner, just pop out on the porch. You’re sheltered from the heat of the sun by the porch roof, but the screen still lets cool breezes through without interruption.

Added Living Space

A screened porch increases your living space. While technically open to the elements, the porch still allows you to work, play, nap or eat without worrying about sun exposure or rain. Screened porches also offer a quiet place to relax while the rest of the family is busy inside.

No Bugs!

Depending on where you live, bugs can turn summer into a truly uncomfortable experience. Screened porches allow you to enjoy the sights and smells of summer without exposing yourself to hordes of mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Easy Cleanup

Screened porches usually have wood or tile floors. While both need to be maintained, they wear better than carpet. A quick sweep and mop are usually sufficient to clean a porch floor. Dropped food, drinks and other accidents capable of staining a carpet just need wiping up.

Informal Entertainment

Hot summer weather often makes indoor entertainment uncomfortably hot and impractical. Porches are wonderful locations for informal get-togethers, barbeques and evening meals. Porches are also great for summer theme parties: add a few streamers and balloons in patriotic colors and you’re all set for a bug-free, rain-free 4th of July BBQ.

Child Safety

Small children need constant supervision. A screened porch lets kids go outside while remaining in a safe, secure location. You know they’re getting some fresh air but don’t have to worry if they’re playing in the mud. Checking on the kids while they’re on the porch is much simpler than hunting the neighborhood for them.

Added Home Value

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a well-built porch is the added curb appeal and potentially higher property value. Prospective buyers may not want the maintenance of a swimming pool or elaborately landscaped garden, but they’re sure to appreciate the advantages of a shady porch.

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