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June 12, 2013 Outdoor Living

As our focus turns toward fathers this month, we want to stop and honor the men in our lives. Whether he’s a grill master, a fire starter, the team’s biggest fan, a connoisseur of beers, a gadget guy or a just hard-working man, we all have one thing in common: a love for taking it outdoors and relaxing in a beautiful space. We chose this collection of gift ideas for him to give him even more enjoyment in his own back yard.

Stout Bottle Opener $35+

Stout Bottle Opener

Price: $35+

Why we love it: This is a bottle opener that knows it’s simply awesome. Its ingenious design allows you to pop bottle tops without bending the caps. And the built-in magnet holds the bottle cap, keeping it from bouncing and rolling on the patio. It’s designed to last. Take a look at their Kickstarter video and you’ll see a glimpse of their passion for slowing down and capturing the moments with family and friends, one popped bottle at a time.

S'more to Love STL-611 6-S'more Maker $19.99

S’more to Love STL-611 6-S’more Maker

Price: $19.99

Why we love it: If he’s a fire starter, this gadget will turn him into an outdoor confection superhero, serving up six perfectly toasted, ooey-gooey s’mores at once. It’s delicious and efficient!

Home Plate Doormat $22

Home Plate Doormat

Price: $22.00

Why we love it: If he’s a baseball-lover, he’ll feel like he hit a home run stepping out onto Home Plate on his patio. Warning: he may try to start the wave or slide into the back door.

Lifeproof LifeJacket Float for iPhone 4/4S and 5

Price: $39.99

Why we love it: Lifeproof makes a case that is water proof, dirt proof and shock proof, which eliminates most of the hazards of taking his iPhone out on the patio. The case is waterproof up to 6.5 feet for up to 30 minutes. When paired with the Lifeproof LifeJacket, it floats! Now he can play Candy Crush and Angry Birds while relaxing poolside. (Requires Lifeproof Case.)

Wooden 6-pack Beer Tote - $35

Wooden 6-pack Beer Tote

Price: $35.00

Why we love it:This handmade beer tote was made from reclaimed redwood beams. Since it’s water-proof and weather proof, it is a perfect candidate for taking out back. It’s nostalgic design reminds us of the slower pace of days gone by.

Custom printed M&M's featuring your favorite football team $10.99-$199.99

Custom-printed M&M’s

Price: $10.99-199.99

Why we love it: You can’t go wrong when you combine delicious chocolate with his favorite team. He can indulge while watching the big game on the patio. If collegiate ball is his thing, you can customize for his favorite University with the My M&M’s tool. Don’t worry, we checked! They have both maroon AND orange to keep you Aggies and Longhorns at peace.

Cotton Hammock $109/$119

Cotton Hammock

Price: $109.00 large / $119.00 extra large

Why we love it: L.L. Bean says this hammock has been a customer favorite for over 30 years. No doubt! There is a certain type of relaxation that only happens in a hammock. It’s almost as if a nap is a requirement. He works hard. He deserves it!

Custom-made Wall Badge $149.00

Custom-made Wall Badge

Price: $149.00

Why we love it: First of all, this 34″ wall sign is custom made right here in Texas. Personalize it with his family name, his favorite team, his hometown or anything he loves (up to 16 characters). It is designed to last for years outside, so it’s a great way for him to declare his outdoor space as his own.

Grill Charms $19.95

Grill Charms for Steak

Price: $19.95

Why we love it: These ingenious little charms will hold tight to steaks as he flips and moves them around the grill, making dinner a little less like a game of shells and more of a sure thing. It is important business when it comes to how you like your steaks prepared! On a serious note, this is a great tool for marking pieces prepared for special health or allergy needs.

Rockin’ Dad Branding Iron with Cedar Gift Box

PRICE: $39.95

Why we love it: He can add his signature style to the dishes he prepares with the satisfying sizzle of the rockin’ dad design. It’s almost like he’s signing your steak, “Prepared with love forever, Dad.”

Personalized Leather Apron & Gloves Set (Branded)

Price: $89.90

Why we love it: Not only is this soft suede set a perfect compliment to the Rockin’ Dad Branding Iron, it is protective against the hazards of grilling. Personalize it with a custom branded monogram with his initials or up to three letters. It’s an apron set fit for the King of the Grill!

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