How Much Does an Outdoor Patio Cost?

July 29, 2022 Outdoor Living

The one-word question: budget? It’s tough to answer “How much does an outdoor patio cost?” when it comes to an outdoor living space. So many factors go into the final quote. And, yes, it is constantly changing due to the cost of materials and labor.

Decisions, Decisions

Here at TCP, our years of experience help us account for the many different aspects of creating a budget. The main things that will impact the cost:

  • Size of project
  • Types of finishes
  • Roof lines and existing structures
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Custom fireplace
  • Screens
  • Electric heaters. 

The Basics

Let’s start simple – what size project is needed? An average project for us is in the 400-500 square foot range. That allows space for a dining area and a living room area (think table and chairs for 4-6 and a couch and one side chair). This size project—which typically includes pouring or adding concrete, building a fully shingled covered patio with simple, basic finishes—would be in the $40-80K range. For upgraded finishes like a nicer ceiling, stone or brick on the columns, stucco, and upgraded flooring, it would be in the 60-80K range. Of course, a larger space would add to the cost.

Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

In your backyard, kitchens can be a simple grilling station or a full-blown gourmet outdoor kitchen. Something simple would be 8-10 linear feet which would add $15-25K to the project. Anything larger would add $25K+ to your project. There are so many options for appliances, countertops, backsplashes, and the fascia for your kitchen (brick, stone, stucco, tile) that additional costs can vary widely.

Outdoor kitchen with grill and green egg.

Heat Things Up

Adding a fire feature will also add to your budget. A full-blown fireplace—whether wood burning or natural gas—will generally add $15-25K to your project. Again, lots of options to consider. You have your choice of stone, mantle, hearth, hanging a TV above it, building in storage or cabinets—the list is endless. 

So, what about just a firepit? If you want a fire feature and are on a stricter budget, this may be the way to go. Wood burning or natural gas will typically add $5-10K to your project. The size, shape and type of stone used will affect the cost as well.

Outdoor patio with fireplace

Additional Upgrades

Two more things to budget for: motorized screens or electric heaters. Motorized screens are built custom to fit the openings of your space. Consider adding up to $2-5K per opening. And electric heaters are such a great way to add to your evening enjoyment on cool nights. These would add $2-4K per heater. It all depends on the size of the heater you choose.

Example Budgets in Houston and Dallas

Answering the how much an outdoor patio should cost is possible—it just takes planning. This guide below can give you a good idea on how to budget for your wants and needs.

  1. Budget for $40-80K for about 400 sq. feet (table and couch setup)
    1. Heaters, screens, higher-end finishes, and speakers add cost.
  2. Simple stamped concrete and ceiling (not gable) runs in the $50K range.
  3. Higher-end spaces with an outdoor kitchen run from $60-120K+ including appliances. Size, finishes and running utilities affect the price.
  4. Adding a fireplace is around the same price as adding a kitchen.
  5. Fireplace and kitchen? Cost will be $100K+.

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