Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Furniture

July 7, 2022 Outdoor Living

A big step in planning your outdoor patio is picking out furniture pieces to fill the space once it’s complete. It’s always great to consider sustainability, and there are more and more options that will look good, last, and have less impact on the environment. Here’s what to look for when picking environmentally friendly outdoor furniture.

Start with the manufacturing process

Look for companies that use sustainable materials and low-impact processes when constructing their furniture. Many eco-friendly brand websites will give you an inside look into their production process to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. 

For wood furniture, make sure they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For plastic furniture, check what percentage is actually made from recycled plastics. And check their factory’s carbon footprint to make sure they are offsetting their usage with adequate recycling and reduced waste.

Patio with wood outdoor furniture around fireplace

Go with timeless, versatile outdoor furniture

The longer you use your furniture, the better. If you choose trendy pieces that go out of style in 10 years, you may have to replace them. Instead, go with timeless pieces that will last. And think about smaller, more versatile tables and chairs that can be reconfigured over time to switch up the layout without having to buy new pieces.

Spend a little more on environmentally friendly outdoor furniture

Another way to make sure your furniture is around for a long time is to buy pieces that are made to last. High quality products carry a higher price tag, but it’s better to spend the money upfront than to have the furniture fall to pieces in a few years. You’ll end up replacing them and sending the old pieces to a landfill. Check the company’s warranties. If they guarantee their products will last 20 years, that’s a good indicator. 

Patio with wicker outdoor furniture

Take good care of them

Proper maintenance will make sure your furniture lasts a long time. Follow the care instructions including covering furniture in the winter, putting pillows away, properly washing cushions, re-sealing wood, and anything else the manufacturer suggests.

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